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Mental Health - Ted Talk Commentary by Guy Winch


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Ted Talk - Guy Winch, Emotional First Aid

I decided to write this post as a means to provide this incredibly meaningful ted talk video on how you should perceive and understand yourself better - to treat yourself better. 

Commentary and some derivating notes:

When I watched this presentation, I felt really relieved as to why and how I should actively look, ignore and provide a clear and firm posture on my long term depression, as well as my light variant of aspergers. 

According to Mr. Winch:

- You should learn to listen and identify certain patterns that your behaviour and thought makes.
- Don't fall to the false conclusion that it's as easy as treating a physical injury or other. It's harder to get in touch with, due to the undeveloped consensus of the perception of the mind you have, plus how self-love can be seen as something gradually negative, specially in teenage years.
- Act quickly and exercise. 
I ruminate a lot. It can lead to periods of depression, therefore, if I identify > exercise a method to distract myself from keeping my thoughts from buzzing on a bad subject, the urge to ruminate will dissipate. 
- Focus and hobby. Occupy yourself. Create a schedule. Do what you like to do.
- Don't be too much time alone at home, take a stroll, breath different air.

Hope this helps anyone with similar problems or even different ones.

Feel free to leave any commentary :) 

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