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What's your favorite position?


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Feel like every chance to leave is another chance I should have took
Every minute is a mile. I've never felt so hollow
I'm an old abandoned church with broken pews and empty aisles
My secrets for a buck,
Watch me as I cut myself wide open on this stage
Yes, I am paid to spill my guts
I won't see home till spring, oh, I would kill for the Atlantic
But I am paid to make girls panic while I sing.

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1 minute ago, battle bun said:

Doggy style for the feeling of it

Riding if I'm in a goofy mood and wanna chit chat while im up there

Missionary with one or two legs on his shoulder for the kisses

Doggy style isn't a popular favorite with women i've known.

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20 minutes ago, zsh said:

Doggy style isn't a popular favorite with women i've known.

I'm not sure why...

If you spread your cheeks open and make sure to keep your back arched, it's easily the best feeling. Like, you can basically get the entire shaft inside and it's angled up towards ur g-spot and pushes a bit on the lining of your anus (which is great). 

Maybe because it looses its' "intimacy". It is a rather rough way to have sex- I mean, you can't even see the person unless you look back ahaha.

But I've always enjoyed it- especially with a bit of choking or hair pulling..

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