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Don't date


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You ever try doing something with someone who you thought enjoyed doing that thing only to find out the only reason they did it with you in the first place is because they were with you romantically and just wanted to 'do something you like to do' and they put up with it? I don't want anyone to do this. Why would i want to do something with you you weren't actually into? This is why i don't fucking 'date'. I do friendship to relationship if anything. When you 'date' you get a lot of that shit. People doing shit because they're into you in that way. You fuck with someone on a friend level for a while, they don't know for sure if you're into them, you hang out a bunch, no pressure and all that fake shit is minimized. This way you actually like the fucking person, and maybe if you end things later, you go right back to that friend shit... but fuck every now and then.
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The effort to "try what I like" is nice but at the end of the day, when you don't have the same passion for what I do, the same hunger for what I do, my interests become a chore that you feel you owe to me because we're in a relationship, and that kind of energy is what causes shit to crash and burn.

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I couldn't tell you the names of everyone I've loved - 
they are a blur of giddiness -
but I could pick out
the face of every single person
who's hurt me
in a lineup.

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